Do you know about the underwater video cameras? These have become incredibly popular in the recent years. Especially finding the best underwater video camera is a challenge with divers who wish to capture underwater fleeting moments.

How do they capture

The underwater video cameras are making capturing moments possible as they feature Pole cams, housing mounts, selfie poles, dome ports, handles, trigger grips, mask mounts, tray/arm setups, spear gun mounts and many more accessories that permit the divers to seize their underwater visions and also to enjoy sharing them online.

Here are the basic functions

 How to begin shooting underwater video?

  • Begin with preparing the camera. The first step is charging the battery and this is done by placing the battery inside the camera and connecting to a USB plug cable.
  • Always have battery that is fully charge with each dive. In fact, plugging the USB cord between the dives is also possible. However, having a set of spare batteries is the best so that you swap out the full battery with the completion of each dive. You can stretch out a battery over 2 dives and having a dying battery underwater means you are sure to miss out on a lifetime video.

  • Having a battery fully charged means you get to keep the 100% screen brightness and you can set to Auto off or screensaver anytime. In this way, you can see that you are shooting in the LCD screen.
  • Charge the batteries before you dive one night in advance and create a system of using full charged battery. If you plan diving past 33ft, you definitely require dive housing so that your camera stays protected and safe from the water source.
  • Pay good attention to the O-ring on the housing back cover and ensure it is free of any debris, sand, dust, hair or lint, so that water does not lea inside.
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